Science of Acoustics
Enterprise conception

Business philosophies: 
Cultivate the talents, unite and cooperate, satisfy the customers, serve the society, willing to  provide the first-class products and service to domestic and abroad OEMs.

Core values:
Adhere to honesty, focus on cooperation, innovate continuously, positive enterprising, create performance, service the customers.

The company spirits :  
The dedication spirit is" Don`t be afraid of suffering pains and using every means to make efforts"The pioneering spirit is" No fear and all the problems will be settled"   The enterprising sipit is " Improve ourselves by looking for disparity and pressure"   The innovation spirit is " Dare to be the first and dare to do others can`t do "


The company style:     
Development, efficient, reputation, hardwork and thrift.


The group vision:  
Have a leading position in providing NVH solutions


The slogan: 
Focus on suggestions, have rapid response, take responsibilities, dare to innovate.